Βienvenidos al Nicolas Café-Bar

Nicolas Café-Bar se destaca por un ambiente hermoso y familiar. Desde abril de 2004 en que se inauguró, ha ganado el cariño y la confianza de los habitantes de Toló y además de los visitantes- turistas Griegos y extranjeros de todo el mundo. Se ha distinguido por el perfecto y directo servicio y por un hermoso y amistoso ambiente. Todo este hace que el cliente quiera volver. El Nicolas Café-Bar es un sitio de encuentro con un ambiente amable y saludable porqué se prohíbe fumar en el espacio interior. Fumar se permite en el espacio exterior el cual es grande y tiene vistas a un barrio típico de Toló. El cliente puede elegir cualquier bebida ya que existen una gran variedad de bebidas en su bodega, y además los precios son muy asequibles.

Nikolas Contacto

Desayunos y Cafés

Aquí, puedes disfrutar un desayuno delicioso y muy fresco que está compuesto de una rebanada de pan o tostada con mantequilla y mermelada, zumo de frutas y cruasán.
El menú también incluye sándwich con jamón de york y queso, postre y helados de varios sabores.
Una gran variedad de clásicos y aromáticos cafés os esperan en el Nicolas Café-Bar. Se pueden también pedir su café para llevar para que disfruten en su trabajo o en su tiempo de descanso.


En Nicolas Café-Bar se puede elegir cerveza de barril (Mythos, Carlsberg & Grimbergen Double), cerveza embotellada, militis (2 tipos), vino que se puede servir en copa o en tres tamaños diferentes(1/4 lt, 1/2lt, 1lt). Además hay retsina y vino dulce. La elección es suya. El menú incluye muchos tipos de bebidas y 14 maravillosos cócteles.
Pregunten simplemente a Nicolas!

Entretenimiento y televisor vía satélite

En Nicolas Café-Bar le esperan hermosas y vibrantes noches griegas, fiestas con música griega y de otros países, juegos de dardos. Pueden también divertirse jugando backgammon, ajedrez o viendo programas en el televisor satélite.


Aquí se ofrece Wi-Fi internet sin pagar a los clientes del Bar utilizando un código. Simplemente soliciten el código en la barra.

this bar offers a late drink to those who would like . the owner nikolas is a really nice geezer with good english who will do anything to help ! and he allows you to bring in souvlaki so you dont miss any football in fact he makes a phone call and it gets delivered, top !! a lot of the brits who live in tolo use this bar which says a lot its the first bar you will find as you walk from the harbour by road so give him a try ps i told you i would post nikolas yasoo kai effgarristome


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Nikolas and his family work hard, they have a beautiful passion for both thier country and all visitors regarless of where you are from, Nikolas Bar is a hub of Knowledge he will always give you an answer to your questions and if he doesn’t know he will find out. Good selection of alcohol, and soft drinks, passionate about football. A great place to meet for coffee in the morning or before you go out for your evening meal and always a good place to finish your night – just ask ” one for the hill” personally I love this family they are very special to me, year after year I always return, they also have great greek dancers who frequently spontaneously dance – very family orientated – enjoy – Yammas x


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Second time in tolo and nikolas is still a gentleman. Man of information and uf he doesnt know will find out. Loves his football and darts and enjoys getting people up to dance. Great wee spot and brilliant crack. Cant wait to go back to tolo next august. See u again then chum.


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It was my first time in Greece and in Tolo in general. I went to this bar because I didn’t know where’s the stop for local bus which will take me back to Nafplio.
Nikolas was very helpful and gave me the information I needed. Moreover, he’s real football fan, and as it was during Euro 2012 time I had a small converstation with him. That day Poland had a game with Greece, and I’m from Poland, so he made a bet that Polish team will win! He was really nice to me and even gave me beer mats from Mythos brewery which I collect.
The bar itself has nice climat, I mean you can sit there drink a glass of beer, watch a football game or play darts!
Located on the main street which is very good to find. Definitely my number 1 pub to stay in Tolo!!


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Mikulas and Magdalena return from Tolo yesterday and now we are writing you..Our marriage/silver 25/ in your place was with your friends very happy and jolification and because write him.Very happy days for you..cha cha ..


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Πολλές και φτηνές μπύρες και καφέδες (το πιο οικονομικό της περιοχης). Ο ιδιοκτήτης πολύ ευγενικός, εξυπηρετικός και συμπαθής.

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Every town should have a cafe-bar like this one. A place where you can go and relax while enjoying a drink outside or a game inside, a place with an owner who is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We visited Nikolas cafe-bar a number of times during our week in Tolo and were always warmly welcomed back. Great service at great prices – what more could you ask for from your local bar! Thank you Nikolas, your cheerful disposition will be missed

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On our fourth pint and in this place for the first time.
1 it’s no smoking and
2 it’s no smoking
Besides that this bar is no mirage and it’s no hive of activity. But alone the owner nikolas makes this place a visit. Good quality beer and very pleasent conversation.( I’ve just spent 5 days on a yacht( cheap yacht ) with our lass ) so give this bar a call and get drunk.

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